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Best Drinking Tumblers For Everyone

When the temperatures out there starts heating up, everyone begins to crave for cool beverages. So when summer hits, you’ll need the best drinking tumbler and if you’re going to buy some, you should go for the best. There are a lot of drinking tumblers each used for specific drinks. Examples include;

  • Goblets
  • Juice tumblers
  • Carafe
  • Rock tumblers
  • Water cooler tumblers
  • Mixing tumblers
  • All-purpose tumblers

With so many choices, it can be overwhelming to choose the right drinking tumbler you need. Do not worry because, in this article, you are going to learn about the best drinking tumblers available in the market. And also the recommendations we think fit your needs. The biggest quest arises when one is torn between buying tumblers made of plastic or glass.

Plastic Drinking Tumblers

If you have kids, you might want to go for the plastic tumblers. Plastic tumblers cannot break easily and they are light-weighted as well. These characteristics make them perfect for kids. These types of tumblers are also good if you need some for outdoor activity like camping, fieldwork or a picnic.

Glass Drinking Tumblers

Glass tumblers on the other hand can be categorized in two. These categories are the tempered and soda-lime tumblers. They are ideal for use at home and even during formal occasions. They are further explained to help you make the best choice.

Tempered Glass Tumblers

These types of glass tumblers are capable of holding both hot and cold drinks. However, they can also break because of thermal shock. Even though they can break, the glasses shatter into small cubes. These small cubes are safer compared to classic shards. There are some reports that these tumblers can spontaneously shatter while in the cupboard. Though the cases are rare, the reason is usually because of manufacturing flaws or thermal stress.

Soda-lime Glass Tumblers

Unlike the tempered glass, these break easily and that makes them less durable. They also go into thermal shock easily, especially when used for hot beverages. The glass pieces broken from soda-lime glass tumbler are sharper than those of the tempered ones. For this reason they are considered dangerous.

Now you know that buying the best drinking tumbler is not like a walk in the park. There are a lot of things you should know and consider before buying. But to save you the trouble, here is a list guide of the best drinking tumblers you can find in the market. They are sophisticated, durable, and worth every penny.

1. LSA International BRO2 bar Tumblers 250ml Clear

Many reasons make this tumbler the best for drinking. First and foremost this tumbler is handmade. It is handcrafted from the best quality glass (Lead-free soda-lime glass) by professional and well-skilled artisans. The skills and the qualities behind this glass make it ideal for one to use it as a gift. It is also very good to use at home. You can use it to drink your favourite juice, spirits, or even water.

Apart from being elegant and timeless too, this product is graphically boxed with four tumblers in it. These tumblers are ideal for special occasions and everyday use as well. In some of these tumblers, you might notice small bubbles of air trapped within. This should not worry you because it all results from the handcrafting process.

LSA International BRO2 bar Tumblers 250ml are also very easy to clean. All you need is warm soapy water and a dry soft cloth. Use the warm soapy water to hand-wash the tumblers and then dry them using the soft cloth.

2. Dartington Crystal Dimple Tumblers

This crystal glass tumbler is the most known around the globe. It’s a bit larger compared to other standard tumblers. This tumbler magically releases the flavours in malt whiskeys and spirits too. People who love taking their drinks on rocks are not left out. The size is this beautiful tumbler creates enough room for you to add ice into your favourite drink.

These lovely designed tumblers have a distinctive dimple at the base that makes them very elegant. Even though they come in pairs, these tumblers are luxurious and timelessly designed too. If well maintained the tumblers will never get old. Dartington Crystal Dimple Tumbler handcrafted in Devon and this makes it the most ideal gift to surprise your loved one with.

3. DIAMANTE Chatsworth Whisky Tumblers

If you are looking for the best lead-free tumbler glasses then look no more. The Chatsworth Whisky Tumblers are lead-free made. This beautiful transparent tumbler has a height of 94mm, 140g weight, 82mm diameter, and 310ml volume.

These DIAMANTE Chatsworth Whisky Tumblers are the best for whiskey lovers. It comes as a set with four crystal tumblers. This makes it an ideal present to gift someone you care about. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the tumblers because they are dishwasher-friendly.

4. LSA International WHO4 Whisky Islay Tumbler

This tumbler is what you need to make a statement of class and quality in your drinks cabinet. This beautifully curved tumbler made of glass is designed with walnut accessories (coasters). This makes it perfect for whiskey lovers.

It has a heavy and sturdy base that makes it timeless and elegant. This handmade LSA International WHO4 Whisky Islay Tumbler 250ml Clear is also easy to clean. You just have to use warm soapy water to wash it then dry it using a soft cloth. The whole process should be hand-washed. Do not put the tumbler into a dishwasher nor should you forget it immersed in water. Doing this will damage this classic and beautiful tumbler.

5. LSA International MV14 Moya Tumbler 330ml

By now there is no doubt that LSA International produces the best drinking tumblers. MV14 Moya is among the best because it is simple and elegant too. This tumbler is handcrafted by the most skilled artisans who have made it timeless. Moya tumbler is beautifully designed with gentle curves that make it perfect to use as home interior décor.

This LSA International MV14 Moya Tumbler 330ml is ideal for all occasions. It can also be used at the traditional table set-up thanks to its simple and timeless design. The tumbler is easy to use and store too.

6. Royal Doulton Highclere Tumbler 350ml

This tumbler is all about modern sophistication. It is the best drinking tumbler because it compliments any table set-up. This tumbler is stunning and unique. It is exquisitely carved with a diamond wedge-cut design that makes it appear radiant on any table.

The box contained four tumblers that are very easy to clean. It is recommended not to put Royal Doulton Highclere Tumbler 350ml Crystalline into a dishwasher but instead hand-wash it.

7. DIAMANTE Whisky Glasses Crystal Short Drink Tumbler

This tumbler is specially made for whiskey lovers that need simplicity and elegance at an affordable cost. A set comes with four tumblers made from ultra lead-free crystal. The height of the tumblers is 99mm, width 80mm and the volume is 310ml.

These tumblers are easy to use and clean too. Once you have these tumblers, your house will brighten up because they are elegant when placed on the drinks cupboard. The tumblers are packed well in a beautiful box that makes it an ideal gift. To maintain the DIAMANTE Whisky Glasses Crystal Short Drink Tumbler glass clarity you are advised to hand-wash the tumblers instead of putting them into a dishwasher. All you need is warm soapy water to wash the tumblers and a soft cloth for drying them. They have enough depth for you to enjoy your drink with ice in it.


The type of drinking tumbler that you use makes a statement about your personality. There is a wide variety of options you can choose from. But this doesn’t mean that you can just pick any random drinking tumbler to use. You can always go all out and get the best tumbler that will sparkle up the flavours in your drink. On the other hand, there are drinking tumblers that are multi-purpose. You can drink your favourite whiskey, juice, spirit, or even water using the same tumbler.

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