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Best Kitchen Utility Knife

Best Kitchen Utility Knife

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A quality kitchen utility knife typically has a fairly short, thin blade. This gives it a lot of agility and versatility and allows it to be used in ways that a chefs knife or paring knife cannot be used. The qualities of the best utility knife kitchen tool are good craftsmanship, an ergonomic handle, and a strong, durable blade.

With any product you get for your kitchen, you want to be looking at value for your money. So you don’t want to pay a lot for the knife necessarily, but you do want it to last for a long time period. You can balance these factors if you know what to look for, and you won’t be taking advantage of if you have done your research. I’ve done some of the research for you and compiled a list of options I would consider for the best kitchen utility knife 2021 has to offer.

Shun Classic Utility Knife

This knife is made peerless design, sporting a perfectly aligned and centered blade in a durable, high quality handle. It can be used over and over again without showing signs of wear, so this is a great everyday utility knife to use for your kitchen. The blade is designed from some of the best steel you can use for a utility knife, and this ensures the blade is easy to clean and easy to keep sharp. The Shun knife is a bit more expensive than some of the other options I’m going to give you, but it is incredibly long lasting and looks great.

Spyderco Kitchen Utility Knife

This is my choice for the best 6” kitchen utility knife, and a number of review sites agree as well. You’ll find the Spyderco knife somewhere in the top lists for best rated kitchen utility knife. It is the right size for easy slicing, and the gently curved blade ensures an effective, clean cut. It has a thinner stock than some of the competition, and what that means is that there won’t be as much resistance when you are slicing. It helps you to achieve very graceful slicing, which is less common than you might think. A lot of the kitchen utility knives are heftier than they ought to be and tougher to work with, which is why this one is such a standout.

Enso HD Hammered Damascus

This smaller utility knife almost qualifies as a paring knife, but not quite. It makes for very agile cutting because of its lightweight and small size. It’s incredibly easy to cut with and the handle is made with durable, long-lasting components. It is designed to be very comfortable to hold, and it brings together some of the best qualities of Eastern and Western design aesthetics. The textured black canvas handle looks like wood but is actually a much tougher material.

Kai HT7077 Professional Utility Knife

This is the best 7” utility knife kitchen option. Not a lot of utility knives are made in this size, and this one stands out because of its comfortable grip, hand sharpened finish, and high carbon steel blade. It is designed to last for very long time and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This knife sports a riveted POM handle and exquisite full tang construction. The longer size gives it greater versatility than some of the smaller counterparts out there. It can be used for some of the tougher cutting jobs and for slicing through hardier cuts of meat.

Shun Kanso Utility

This 6-inch blade could easily take this spot as the best kitchen utility knife because of how well it is constructed. The steel used for this knife is the same as what would be used in a sword. The Kanso design principle requires that anything nonessential be removed. So, this is a stripped down version of the utility knife that is a master class in simplicity and ease of use. The blade is made using a single piece of quality steel, with a fine grain and a sharp edge for smooth slicing and cutting. The handle is of sort quality as well, using the same tagayasan or iron sword wood. The contours and angle of the wooden handle ensure that the user has expert controls over where the blade goes.

Wusthof Classic Asian Utility

This smaller 4.5-inch blade gives you nimble cutting potential. High carbon German steel is used for the blade, and it sports a double bevel cutting edge that creates a smooth, clean cut every time. It is designed to retain its sharpness over many uses, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The handle is of equal expert design. It is made from Polyoxymethylene (POM) which retains its color for a long time. The handle is incredibly durable in design to withstand a lot of wear and tear while still retaining its user friendly contour. The bolster has been specially weighted to ensure proper balance and ease of use. 

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Utility

This utility knife sports a well tapered blade that has been ground to a 15 degree angle. This gives you more stability and ensures the knife won’t have to be sharpened often. The blade is easy to hone and allows for precise cutting because of how well designed it is. The blade is so strong that it can handle extensive use for long periods of time, and even using it for heavy cutting won’t wear it down too quickly.

This knife features a thermoplastic handle that’s very easy to use thanks to its comfortable contours and lightweight design. It has been triple riveted to ensure that it stays in place even after extensive, heavy use.

What are you looking for in a kitchen utility knife? If you want durable options that give you real value for your money, consider one of the knives on this list. After looking at dozens of available choices, these are my top picks because of their long lasting design, great reputation, and exceptional value overall. Consider choosing a utility knife that will complement what you already have in your kitchen, with a length somewhere between that of your other knives but with a build that is very strong and that won’t fail on you after a short while.


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