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Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Coffee is an essential drink and the ideal beverage to make every day a fresh start. And the pour-over coffee maker has made quite an impression on consumers over time. It is the perfect appliance to recreate that rich, amazing, raw flavored coffee every morning, just like the coffee you get from a coffee shop.

The pour-over coffee maker has distinctive features which can achieve the best flavors and is more ideal than a traditional brewing machine. 

How does it work?

The pour-over coffee maker works by keeping the medium-fine ground coffee beans (depending on the quality of beans and how fast the water passes through it) inside the filter and pouring the hot water over it. It gets poured directly into the cup. The entire process needs time to give you the best results, but it’s worth it.

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Here is the list of some best automatic pour-over coffee maker and pour-over coffee maker which can definitely capture your attention:

#1. OXO Coffee Maker 

It captured my attention because of its brewing controls. It’s brewing controls keep water and temperature in check and optimizes the brew cycle for the rich and robust flavor of the coffee. 

It is easy to use and its single-dial enables the user to choose the cup size and set the timer. Its double-wall stainless steel makes sure that you can keep your coffee for a long time. Its rainmaker shower feature makes the water dispersed so that you can get the best coffee.

#2. Porcelain Pour-over Carafe Set 

This company has been making all types of equipment for coffee, be it coffee filters or pour-over, since 1908. This means you can trust this product and use it at your own convenience.

This affordable and durable product will be the best appliance you can get for your home. It can add an edgy touch to your home decor and will definitely offer you better flavor because of its wedge shape. You can retain the authentic essence of the coffee beans, and can brew more than one cup.

#3. Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker

This amazing product is made up of nonporous borosilicate glass. This means you can enjoy your cup of coffee without worrying about any odor. It also does not absorb or release any chemical if you keep the drink for a long time.

This product provides excellent quality coffee and is dishwasher safe. Its unique design makes it a great decor for your kitchen counter. But on the other hand, while cleaning, it can be tricky, and the glass can break if not handled well.

Making Coffee by Pour Over Coffee Maker

Types of Pour Over Coffee Makers

There are generally three kinds of pour-over coffee makers; you need to understand what to look for if you want the best pour over coffee maker for your home.


This type of pour-over needs special care, as it slowly pours into the cup when you fill it with water. It moves in a circular motion because it drains from a particular point. It is better than a flat-bottomed one but needs precision and patience.


This is the most common shaped pour-over and also user-friendly. Flat bottoms are easy to use as it has a flat surface and the water can drain easily. As the water filters through the bottom, a steady flavor of ground beans gets collected into the cup.


The structure consists of both flat-bottomed and cone-shaped pour-over. It has a single point to filter out the liquid, which is similar to cone-shaped. The wedge has three points so that we get a consistent flavor of robust ground beans. Still, brewing needs specific details during the process, so make sure to be well informed of the procedures before you purchase a wedge-shaped pour-over.

Materials Used


The best part of using a glass pour-over is that it is chemically neutral, so the flavors won’t be affected while brewing the coffee. It also enables the user to watch as it is transparent. 

Glass is fragile and can easily break while carrying it from one place to another.


This material is durable compared to glass, and it also helps maintain temperature for a longer period. However, ceramic is quite expensive compared to glass if you have a tight budget.


It has a long lifespan and is light in weight if you need to carry it from place to place. Metals are quite beautiful to add to your kitchen decor. But the flavor can get affected if kept for a long time.


It lasts longer, and one can carry it with ease. It also retains heat if kept for a long time. On the other hand, the material needs to change quite often compared to other materials.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many things one should consider before buying a pour-over coffee maker which is perfect for them:

Pour Over Coffee Maker


Depending on how much time you are willing to take making coffee, some pour-overs take time to brew coffee, and some take less time to brew.


Sometimes we need our coffee maker to travel along with us. If this is the case, you need to make sure you buy a coffee maker that can be carried easily and fits in a bag.


If you have experience with coffee, you know that some products will brew coffee that does not provide the taste you want. Make sure you choose the right pour-over coffee maker, giving you the best flavor and enabling you to customize a little.


Sometimes accessories are required to make the whole process much easier and ensure a flavorful coffee.

Time and Control

The biggest advantage you can gain from the best pour-over coffee is the ability to control making a perfect coffee. The pour-over coffee maker, which consumes less time and can be used conveniently, will be the best coffee maker for you.


I hope you find the perfect pour-over coffee maker to start your day, and that this article helps you find your perfect morning energy boost. Tell us what you think about these tips!

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