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How To Fold a Burrito Like a Pro – 5 Tricks to Try Out

How To Fold a Burrito Like a Pro – 5 Tricks to Try Out

Last Updated on 30th November 2021 by Pauline

Although cooking the ingredients of the burrito is extremely crucial for the perfect one, your burrito will always be as good as you can fold it.

With rice, meat, beans, and meat all rolled in a single tortilla, it’s quite easy to get all the ingredients falling out as soon as you get to take a bite of it.

To avoid this frustration and enjoy your burrito at the same time, a lot of people came up with a variety of methods to wrap their tortilla for a solid deliciousness.

Read on, if you want to know how to fold a burrito like a pro! In today’s article, you’ll find 5 tricks and methods to try out, including the proper way to wrap a burrito in 2 tortillas. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

5 Methods of How to Fold a Burrito 

1. The Classic Burrito Fold

If you want to fold a small, medium, or large burrito make sure that your tortilla bread is large enough for the contents.

You can test out if the ingredients are enough by folding it in half while the content is inside and see if you can easily reach both ends with enough room for rolling.

Make sure to keep the tortilla warm and moist so it’ll fold easily. You can do that by microwave it for 30 seconds in high settings or by steaming it. Here’s how to fold it:

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Method 1: The Classic Burrito Roll


  • Add enough content over the tortilla.
  • Join the front and bottom ends together and lift the tortilla up, then set it back down with an open face, so you get the content exactly in the centre and packed as much as possible.
  • Using your thumbs, pull the left and the right flaps of the tortilla to be exactly over the tortilla contents leaving enough space between the flaps over the centre. Pull them gently to avoid ripping the tortilla apart.
  • With the remaining fingers, pull the top flap of the tortilla (the end that doesn’t face you), and tuck it in towards the burrito content. This one should be pulled enough to cover the content of the burrito.
  • Rotate the burrito while keeping this form so that you can roll it outwards.
  • Fold the burrito forward carefully while pressing the tortilla tightly as you go.
  • Wrap the entire burrito in foil to keep it insulated and hold the burrito together as you eat.
  • Rip off the foil from where you want to eat.

2. How to Wrap Burrito in Two Tortillas 

For a huge tortilla, you’ll need to use 2 tortillas rather than one. Here’s the proper way to wrap them nicely around your burrito deliciousness:

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Method 2: Wrapping Burrito in 2 Tortillas


  • Place the two tortillas side by side over a flat and clean surface.
  • Overlap the two tortillas so that one of them is covering about one-third of the other one.
  • Lay your burrito fillings over the centre of the two tortillas and avoid getting them on the top or the bottom sides.
  • Fold each side of the tortillas that are right and right of the tortilla.
  • Roll the tortilla tightly from the bottom and go upwards.
  • As you reach the end of the tortilla, make sure that you tuck the bottom of the tortillas tightly so that they form a cylindrical shape.
  • Wrap the huge burrito into an aluminium foil to keep it tight.

How to Fold a Burrito Like Chipotle

Nobody makes a Burrito quite like Chipotle right? Well, maybe you can, if you follow my tips on how to wrap a Burrito like the professionals in Chipotle. 

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Method 3: Folding a Burrito like Chipotle


  • Heat the tortilla over a pan or microwave it to make it pliable and easy to work with.
  • Lay a piece of foil out so that is slightly larger than the tortilla you’re using.
  • Place your tortilla over the foil and add your filling on top of the tortilla.
  • Push the ingredients of your burrito slightly towards the centre of your tortilla.
  • Using one hand, roll the tortilla so that you pull the ingredients tightly to the back of the tortilla without applying too much pressure on the burrito.
  • Fold the burrito towards the other end.
  • Before you reach the end, fold the sides of the tortilla up and towards the centre.
  • Finish up rolling the tortilla then use the foil to tighten your roll.

4. How to Fold a Burrito the Triple Folding Style

This one is another unique method that’s ideal if you have a small-sized burrito and you want to showcase the content of your burrito from one side.

Don’t be intimidated by its name, as it’s extremely easy to pull off. Here’s how to do it:

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Method 4: The Triple Folding Style


  • Place the contents of the burrito over a warmed tortilla closely towards the left side leaving the right side relatively empty.
  • Make the first fold from the empty right side towards the left where the tortilla covers some but not all of the ingredients.
  • Bring the top flap towards the bottom of the tortilla so that it also partially covers the tortilla. Tuck the edge of the tortilla for extra support.
  • Bring the right bottom edge of the tortilla towards the centre of the tortilla and tuck it gently but tightly around the burrito to make a cylindrical shape on one side and an exposed burrito on the other one.

5. The Pull Back Burrito Folding Method

The alternative method to the classic method of folding a burrito is the pull-back one. In this method, you tuck before you roll, which is good for having a solid base to avoid spillage of sauces.

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Method 5: The Pull Back Method


  • Place the content of the burrito slightly off-centre.
  • Roll the back end (the one towards you) over the burrito filling and use it to move the content back as tight as possible without tearing it up.
  • While leaving the first fold on, fold the left and right sides towards the centre and tuck them in tightly.
  • Roll the burrito towards the end then wrap it in aluminium foil.

Wrap Up

There you have it. A complete guide that shows you how to properly fold a burrito in various ways!

Make sure that you try to roll at least one burrito in each of these methods before deciding on the ideal one for you in terms of ease of application and limiting the mess.

In addition to the previously mentioned methods, always remember that a sensible amount of filling ingredients are also critical to fold the perfect burrito.

Ideally, most burrito vendors will use about 4 ounces of filling, which is about the size of one serving spoon. This way, you’ll make the burrito easier to fold all the while avoiding bulges, spills, and tears!

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