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The Best Mexican Restaurants to Visit when Travelling

The Best Mexican Restaurants to Visit when Travelling

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In all your travels, you want to make sure that you can find the food you love. Knowing ahead of time where to stop and take in the local cuisine or which restaurants are known for their quality menus is a big part of making a trip enjoyable.

Today, we’re focusing on Mexican restaurants and which ones are some of the best that the US has to offer. From coast to coast, which restaurants offer the most authentic, most delicious, most well reviewed Mexican dishes?

Del Pacífico Mexican and Seafood

San Bernardino, CA

If you are looking for a great Mexican restaurant in San Bernardino, definitely check out Del Pacifico. This place has an extensive Mexican and seafood menu, with lots of variety to satisfy even the pickiest eater. The tacos and burritos are made fresh in the kitchen. They offer full breakfast, lunch, dinner and kids menus to ensure that there is something for everyone. Del Pacifico’s offerings are considered some of the best food in Los Angeles, California, thanks to their use of fresh ingredients, seasonally ripe foods, and in-house preparation.

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

Washington, D.C.

If you are passing through D.C. and have a craving for Mexican food, you need to give Oyamel a visit. This elegantly decorated restaurant definitely nails the upscale look of a classy Mexican restaurant. It offers an extensive selection of drinks with hundreds of choices and features tapas as well as authentic Mexican street food. The place is famous for its corn guacamole that’s made to order.

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food

Orlando, FL

The wonderfully decorated restaurant brings authentic Mexican street style to sit down dining. The food is carefully crafted to offer traditional flavours and paired with a variety of in-house sauces that perfectly complement it. People come to Antojitos for the atmosphere and the beautiful décor, but they stay for the delicious food that is made with such care that it is a joy to eat.


Chicago, IL

Considered not just one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area but one of the best restaurants in Chicago, period, Topolobampo is known for its artsy take on Mexican food. Everything about this restaurant exudes elegance and a sense of style. It’s not just another me-too pop-up restaurant chasing the popularity of Mexican food. The menu changes from season to season, with unique offerings that can’t be found anywhere else. All of it is presented very artfully.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

Bartlett, TN

As we travel a bit south, we want to point out a great chain restaurant. Abuelo’s is Texas based, but this Tennessee location is one of their most well reviewed. The chain is known for above average Mexican food priced well and prepared with care, but what makes this particular location stick out is the great service. Customers constantly compliment the excellent customer service provided, which is par for the course with this part of the United States, but the staff of Abuelo’s go above and beyond in a way that makes them stand out.

Campuzano Mexican Food

Dallas, TX

You’re definitely going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to great Mexican restaurants in Texas, particularly in Dallas. The city is a foodie’s paradise, and Campuzano comes out on top when comparing great Mexican eateries that don’t skimp on portion sizes or great customer service. They are known for their fajita lunches, served steaming hot, and their bountiful carne asada dishes. Campuzano is considered a cut above the competition due primarily to their friendly and accommodating staff and their varied menu.

Macayo’s Mexican Food

Phoenix, AZ

This regional chain ihas been operating in Phoenix for long time. They are well known for their competitive prices and family friendly environment. They offer a sizable menu of Mexican favourites and manage to make some of the best versions of so many different dishes. They have a reputation for serving their food piping hot and straight from the grill rather than microwaving frozen food like some of their competitors do. Their loaded nachos are some of the best in the country and a reason to visit the restaurant on its own. They pack their foods with so much delicious flavour and authentic seasonings that other Mexican food can taste bland by comparison.

From the East to the West Coast, these are our top picks for Mexican restaurants. No matter where you travel in the United States, there is some excellent Mexican food to choose from.


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