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  • eat-raw-fish
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    Why Can You Eat Raw Fish?

    Cooking meat thoroughly is an important part of making sure that you don’t experience food poisoning. No one wants to end up vomiting after a meal because the food isn’t cooked all the way through. Meat is typically a very sensitive food, and if you don’t cook it like you should, you could become violently […] More

  • gourmet-food
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    What Is Gourmet Food?

    While you likely heard the term gourmet use in connection with a kind of food, you may not be able to place your finger on what exactly defines gourmet food. What makes a gourmet dish different from a regular one? For some people, it’s the price tag, but that’s not what the definition is all […] More

  • Pretzels
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    How to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    I love the salty crunchy taste of pretzels, but you know what makes them even better? When you smother pretzels in chocolate, they become a delightfully decadent snack. This is a food I could munch on at any time and be perfectly happy with it. I make these at home sometimes, with raw ingredients. You […] More

  • toast-in-oven
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    How to Make Toast Without A Toaster

    One of my favourite breakfast foods is toast. There are few foods that are so easy to make or as versatile. Sometimes, I like mine with just butter on it, and other times I will add some jam, a drizzle of honey, some hazelnut spread or fresh berries. You can make a sandwich from it […] More

  • roasted pepper on grill

    How to Roast Peppers on the Grill

    I am not a big fan of raw peppers. Bell peppers can be okay raw when used in a salad, but when I am having peppers in any other food than a salad, I prefer them to be cooked a bit. I like how cooking them makes them softer and easier to eat. It eliminates […] More

  • roast-chestnuts
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    How Do You Roast Chestnuts?

    I don’t know about you, but roasted chestnuts make me think of Christmas time, and not just because of the popular song that starts with a line about them. They are also a favorite treat of mine during that time of year. Do you really need to roast them on an open fire, or is […] More

  • Which Sauces Do You Have with Thanksgiving Dinner?
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    Which Sauces Do You Have with Thanksgiving Dinner?

    There are a few sauces you’re going to find at every Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe a few ingredients will be tweaked here and there, but the same basic sauces are always showing up as staples of this holiday meal. I would like to share with you some sauces that should probably be at your Thanksgiving dinner […] More

  • brine-for-pork-chop
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    How to Brine Pork Chops to Keep Them Tender

    Do your pork chops turn out a little on the dry side when you cook them? Do they sometimes come out tough and chewy when you would prefer them to be soft, tender, and juicy? It’s a problem a lot of people have when they cook pork chops, and the solution is to brine them […] More

  • Shredded Chicken Tacos

    Instant Pot Shredded Chicken Tacos Recipe

    The advantage to making chicken tacos in the instant pot is that you can take whole chicken breasts and turn them into shredded chicken bits that are perfect for tacos in a matter of minutes. It’s a much healthier way than cooking them up in a pan with some oil, and it’s a lot faster […] More

  • Szechuan sauce
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    How To Make Szechuan Sauce

    This is a spicy sauce you can make at home in just about 5 minutes. Instead of looking everywhere for Szechuan sauce not being happy with the kind of sauce you find in the store, you can learn how to make Szechuan sauce on your own. Be warned, however, that this is a seriously spicy […] More

  • Air Fryer

    Can You Cook Corn Dogs in an Air Fryer?

    Corn dogs are super unhealthy, but there are some kind of healthy ways to cook them. The oven is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what to use to cook corn dogs in a healthy way, but that can take too long. How about the air fryer? Can you […] More

  • Instant Pot chicken with broccoli
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    Instant Pot Chicken and Broccoli Recipe

    Here is a quick and easy recipe to make with your Instant Pot, creating a meal very simply. Now, I love my Instant Pot and how it makes mealtime so much simpler, taking a lot of effort and time out of creating family size dinners. I’m going to show you how to make Instant Pot […] More

  • How to Make Albondigas
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    How to Make Albondigas

    Perhaps you have had them at a restaurant, appreciated the taste but do not know how to make Albondigas? Perhaps your gym instructor told them that they are fat-free food? Perhaps you love Mexican and want to try something new? Either way, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to […] More

  • How To Store Fresh Cilantro
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    How To Store Fresh Cilantro?

    Cilantro is a herb that has immense health benefits. It has vitamins A, C, and K. It can be  used as a garnish or as an ingredient in various dishes. Cilantro has a high amount of water content. If kept outside, the warm air will absorb moisture from the cilantro. That is why cilantro wilts […] More

  • Instant Pot Recipe For Tri-Tip Steak
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    Instant Pot Recipe For Tri-Tip Steak

    Steak is a high-quality beef that includes high muscle fiber attached to the bones. People started consuming steak in the mid 15th century, representing a thick slick of meat suitable for cutting, grilling, and frying. Today, people around the world consume steak. Made in festive seasons, a lot of Americans depend on steak as their […] More

  • type-of-flour

    How To Choose the Right Type of Flour

    The events of 2020 sparked a renewed passion for baking at home. With nowhere to go and not much to do, many people who hadn’t baked before decided to put on their chef’s hat and acquire some new skills. However, choosing the right kind of flour can be overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know […] More

  • How To Make Potato Bread
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    How To Make Potato Bread?

    Do you have leftover mash potatoes? Please don’t throw it. You can make lovely and fluffy potato bread with the help of these mashed potatoes. The homemade potato bread is quite soft and is far better than grocery store potato bread. These bread are delicious to eat. They are far better than white bread. You […] More

  • How To Poach Salmon
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    How To Poach Salmon?

    Using salmon as a source of food dates back to 25000 years. The term salmon originates from the Latin word salire, meaning “to leap.”  Poached salmon is one of the simplest ways of cooking salmon that doesn’t require you to be an expert in cooking. Poaching is cooking meat or other food by submerging them […] More

  • bbq-sauce

    Homemade BBQ Sauce without Ketchup

    If you ask most people what barbecue sauce is made out of, the first ingredient they list will likely be ketchup. However, you can make homemade BBQ sauce without ketchup and I’m going to show you how. Most barbecue recipes for homemade sauce that doesn’t use ketchup will still use it tomato base. That’s essential […] More

  • Refried Black Beans
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    How to Make Refried Black Beans

    The term “refried beans” doesn’t mean the beans are fried a second time. It just means that after the beans have been fried, they are mashed and seasoned. There are lots of different beans you can have refried, like Pinto, northern, and black beans, but I’m going to show you how to make refried black […] More

  • How to Make Grilled Onions
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    How to Make Grilled Onions

    There is a saying that if you make food without onions, it is not worth eating. We are not sure of that, but we know that grilled onions are superb! Grilled onions are suitable for salad, steaks, and burgers. But apart from these, grilled onions can add flavor to almost any dish.  Onion has excellent […] More

  • How To Make Tostadas
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    How To Make Tostadas?

    Ancient civilizations in Latin America have a special place for maize or corn. Most of the cultural ceremonies in those times had dishes made of corn significantly. Tostadas are nothing but fried corn tortillas. To preserve the leftover tortillas, they are fried and stored to be used later. Tostada means nothing but toasted in the […] More

  • Pasta with Clam Sauce Recipe
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    Pasta with Clam Sauce Recipe

    This classic Italian pasta dish is famous for being easy to make, looking fancy in front of the guest, and giving them an illusion that you spend all your day preparing this, while it only took you 30 minutes!  Clam sauce with pasta can be your last-minute dinner option if you are the kind of […] More

  • Best Fennel Salad Recipe
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    Best Fennel Salad Recipe

    Medicinal and culinary uses of fennel have been documented since ancient times. As early as 1500 BCE, humans began reaping their benefits. The Mediterranean plant is famous all over the world today. It is high in carbs and dietary fiber. In addition to high vitamin and mineral content, it is also a natural source of […] More

  • Shrimp dip with cream cheese and mayonnaise
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    Shrimp Dip With Cream Cheese and Mayonnaise

    Do you often find yourself scrambling to cook something delicious when unexpected guests arrive? Or would you want to skip an arduous cooking session and go with an easy yet delicious appetizer that can please fussy eaters?  I am sure that you will have some of the best memories if you cook this mouth-watering and […] More

  • How to Prepare Horseradish
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    How to Prepare Horseradish

    If you are confused about how to serve horseradish, there will be no confusion in your mind once you get to know how to prepare raw horseradish. The serving suggestions are mentioned below. You might have seen horseradish in the market and often wondered how to prepare it. In early spring and late fall, horseradish […] More

  • Sweet Pie Crust Recipe
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    Sweet Pie Crust Recipe

    Vegetable pie originated in Medieval Europe, but the sweet potato pie is a traditional dish of the Southern United States. You will hear about sweet potato crust pie in America during the holiday season, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. There is no crusty top layer. You will see several Sweet pie crust recipes in the […] More

  • poblano-peppers
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    How to Roast Poblano Peppers?

    When you roast poblano peppers, you take a lot of the bite out of them, creating a much milder flavor. From that point, it’s pretty easy to eat a bowl full of them. Roasted peppers have a crispy exterior that gives them a delightful little crunch. Once you start making these in your own oven […] More

  • How To Cook Top Round Steak

    How To Cook Top Round Steak?

    Did you know that round steak got its name from the portion of meat used for it and not the shape of the dish? Round steak is the dish prepared with the meat from the ’round’ of the hind leg of a cow. There are three different cuts of this portion of the beef. You […] More

  • Ham and Potato Soup Slow Cooker
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    Slow Cooker Ham and Potato Soup

    The slow cooker is very useful for making a lot of soup all at once in a very simple way. Often, you can simply add all your ingredients at about the same time into the slow cooker and you will end up with a well-cooked meal that’s ready to eat in a matter of hours. […] More

  • How To Make Chicken Marinara  
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    How To Make Chicken Marinara  

    Chicken Marinara is one of the classic European recipes that has been around for centuries. The origin of the Chicken Marinara recipe is said to be inspired by various parts of old-world Italy. Dating back as far as the 16th Century, the recipe has gone through numerous transformations. However, it remains one of the most […] More

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